Interested in Hosting an AIDS 2012 HUB? Help is Available.

Content From: HIV.govPublished: May 11, 20122 min read


AIDS2012 Hub in a Box
More than 20,000. That’s the number of delegates that are expected to attend AIDS 2012Exit Disclaimer. According to organizers, the conference received 11,715 abstracts from scientists around the world seeking to showcase their research at the conference. That is a 15% increase from the 2010 conference in Vienna, Austria. After a rigorous peer review process, the Scientific Programme Committee accepted 3,600 abstracts for presentations. Activity in the Global Village is also up; conference organizers accepted 280 program activity proposals for inclusion in this year’s Global Village, a 27% increase over 2010.

The conference organizers are committed to making the information available to as many people as possible, and one way to access it is to host a conference hub. In our blog post a few months ago, we explained that hubs are locally organized meetings or mini-conferences where stakeholders come to view videotaped sessions from AIDS 2012, happening July 22-27 in Washington, DC. Applications to host a hub are available on the conference website, and are due September 15. The application will request basic information about your plans, including your target audience, date, time, and venue. If you are attending the conference, a hub is an excellent opportunity to bring the conference home and continue the conversation. If you are unable to attend, it is a great way to bring the conference to your local area.

The benefits of hosting a hub include:
  • Engagement with local stakeholders
  • Free access to key conference sessions
  • Strengthening of local networks through the sharing of new information and lessons learned from AIDS 2012
On May 23rd at 7:00pm EDT, AIDS 2012 staff will host a webinar to help potential organizers learn how to host an AIDS 2012 conference hub.

This session is a follow-up to the March 7th webinar, “Exploring the Possibilities and Logistics: How to Host an AIDS 2012 Conference Hub.” If you were not able to participate in the earlier webinar, you can access an event recordingExit Disclaimer, PowerPoint presentationExit Disclaimer (PPT file), and Programme ExampleExit Disclaimer (Microsoft Word file).

For more information, including registration and additional details on the March 23rd webinar and a pre-planning application form, visit the hubs page of the AIDS 2012 websiteExit Disclaimer.