Generative AI Internship Opportunity

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A generative AI internship with The Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy’s (OIDP’s) program is now open. The intern will work with senior federal leadership to assess and expand one of the most extensive HIV communications programs in the country.

The intern will gain work experience in a fast-paced, team-based work environment and be exposed to a wide range of health policy issues.

Description of the Role

The selected intern will dedicate 35% of their time to researching emerging generative AI tools. This involves exploring academic journals, national resources, and public health materials. The intern will provide reports and presentations on these tools every two weeks to the team.

Additionally, 40% of the intern's time will be devoted to an individual project related to generative AI. The project will align with the Office's current priorities and the intern's public health interests. The intern will collaborate with OIDP staff to design and evaluate generative AI videos, content, or images. Other possibilities include creating presentations for HIV service organizations on enhancing their programs with generative AI or proposing relevant projects.

Lastly, 25% of the intern's time will focus on program engagement with the and OIDP teams. This involves conducting one-on-one conversations, attending meetings on HIV and public health topics, and reviewing policy documents and past communications. This exposure will familiarize the intern with available resources and OIDP priorities.

Eligibility and Desired Skills

Ideally, the candidate for this position will be in their early career, currently pursuing or having recently completed their bachelor's or master's degree. They should possess strong written and oral communication skills and be a highly motivated analytic thinker with research abilities.

Prior experience, whether through coursework or professional work, in public policy or public health is preferred. While specific experience in HIV or other infectious diseases is helpful, it is not required, but a general understanding of public health is necessary. Additionally, the candidate should have an interest in and an understanding of generative AI and social media platforms.

Anticipated Start Date: Rotating. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Internship Length: 20 or more hours per week, for 6 months or longer, with a negotiable schedule.

Location: This is a remote internship. If the individual is in the Washington, DC area, opportunities may be available to work onsite at the Humphrey Building in Washington, DC, or the Tower Building in Rockville, MD.

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