Funding Opportunities for Research to Help Achieve HIV Prevention and Treatment Goals

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Three new funding opportunities have been announced to support research to help achieve national and global HIV prevention and treatment goals, and to address minority health and health disparities. These are just three of many important funding opportunities that support critical work related to HIV prevention, care, and treatment in the United States and around the world. Other sources of federal and nonfederal funding to support projects related to HIV prevention, care, and treatment can be found by using CDC NPIN’s Funding Search Tool. All federal funding opportunities are announced on, where you can learn more about how to apply for federal funding and identify funding opportunities that may be of interest to you using keyword searches.1. NIMHD Specialized Centers of Excellence on Minority Health and Health Disparities

The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHHD) invites applications to establish Centers of Excellence to conduct transdisciplinary, multi-level research in minority health and health disparities and to provide research opportunities for post-doctoral fellows, junior faculty, and other early stage investigators to engage in this type of research. Although scientific and technological advances have improved the health of the U.S. population overall, racial/ethnic minority populations, socioeconomically disadvantaged populations, underserved rural populations, and sexual and gender minority populations continue to experience a disproportionate share of many chronic diseases and adverse health conditions, including HIV.

Open date (earliest submission date): April 14, 2017

Letter of intent due: April 14, 2017

Application due date(s): May 15, 2017

Total award: $950,000 in direct costs annually

Information and application details: view the FOA

2. NIDA Avant-Garde Award Program for HIV/AIDS and Drug Use Research

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Avant-Garde Award program supports innovative, basic research that may lead to improved preventive interventions or therapies; creative, new strategies to prevent disease transmission; novel approaches to improve disease outcomes; and creative approaches to eradicating HIV or improving the lives of those living with HIV.

Open date (earliest submission date): June 30, 2017

Application due date(s): July 31, 2017; July 31, 2018; July 31; 2019

Total award: $500,000 in direct costs per year

Information and application details: view the FOA3. Targeted Implementation Science to Achieve 90/90/90 Goals for HIV/AIDS Prevention and TreatmentNIH’s National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) encourages implementation research projects designed in partnership with global and domestic service providers, to target the particular needs in a selected community, to achieve the 90/90/90 HIV prevention and treatment targets identified by HIV/AIDS global leadership—90% of all persons living with HIV aware of their status, 90% of those diagnosed receiving timely and effective treatment, and 90% of those on treatment achieving sustained viral suppression.

Open date (earliest submission date): April 7, 2017

Application due date(s): NIH Standard Dates Apply. View FOA

Total award: Up to $275,000 in direct costs for two-year project; No more than $200,000 may be requested in any single year

Information and application details: view the FOA.