Become a Champion for Coverage!

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The COVID‑19 pandemic has elevated the need for health coverage and the American Rescue Plan has made that coverage more affordable than ever. Join the Biden-Harris Administration in helping to educate people so they can get the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. As a Champion for Coverage, organizations will work towards ensuring every uninsured person who’s eligible for health coverage through, Medicaid, or CHIP knows their options and is able to sign up for coverage.

Can My Organization Be a Champion for Coverage?

Champions for Coverage are public or private organizations and businesses across the country that are promoting the Health Insurance Marketplace in their communities. They include national and regional agencies such as community health centers, state and local government agencies, health provider organizations, libraries, local retail businesses, community-based organizations, and many more. Champions have been integral in connecting millions of consumers to health care benefits in the Marketplace.

How Do Champions for Coverage Help Spread the Word?

Champions engage in various educational and outreach efforts, such as leveraging CMS Marketplace materials and resources, hosting in-person or virtual educational events, participating in social media, distributing materials to uninsured people, and through other communication channels. Many have hosted events or provided space and resources for certified assisters to conduct enrollment events.

What Benefits Do Champions for Coverage Enjoy?

The benefits Champions will obtain upon becoming Champions are gaining public recognition on; national and regional engagement calls; receiving timely Marketplace updates and news through e-newsletters and webinars/calls; and accessing a dedicated Champion inbox reserved exclusively for Champion organizations’ questions and comments. More resources and opportunities will be announced as Open Enrollment is underway.

How Can My Organization Become a Champion for Coverage?

Organizations conducting Marketplace outreach can voluntarily sign up to become Champions by filling out an online form on People can refer their questions about the Champion initiative to

Please keep in mind that Champion for Coverage organizations must not be in a position to profit from their Champion designation. If your organization falls under this category but would still like to contribute your valuable work by conducting Marketplace outreach, please email for details on how to stay connected with the latest information.