AIDS 2012 Lessons Continue to Resonate Across U.S.

Content From: HIV.govPublished: November 02, 20122 min read
Dr. Koh at AIDS 2012 Plenary

The AIDS 2012 conference organizers recently reminded us that many resources from the conference are now available online at the AIDS 2012 websiteExit Disclaimer . Whether you were able to in person in Washington, D.C. or not, you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips, including information from many of the sessionsExit Disclaimer such as slides, links to abstracts, rapporteur reports, and even webcasts of the plenary sessions and several others. (To access these features, click on "More info" at the bottom of the session entry in the online Programme-at-a-Glance.)

We’d also like to remind readers interested in learning more about significant developments at the conference or who wish to refer back to or share some of that information that all of the blog posts from AIDS 2012 also are available. Our “Conversations from AIDS 2012” video series includes interviews conducted by both Dr. Howard Koh and Dr. Ron Valdiserri with federal leaders including NIH’s Dr. Tony Fauci who spoke about scientific advancesExit Disclaimer that have lead to discussion of the end of AIDS, NIH’s Dr. Gina Brown on women’s HIV researchExit Disclaimer, CDC’s Dr. Kevin Fenton on the HIV treatment cascadeExit Disclaimer, and the White House’s Dr. Grant Colfax who spoke about the National HIV/AIDS Strategy progress reportExit Disclaimer. Dr. Koh and Dr. Valdiserri also interviewed a number of non-federal partners, getting perspectives on information being shared at the conference from NASTAD’s Terrance Moore, AIDS Alabama’s Kathie Hiers, and Tiffany West of the DC Department of Health, among others.

Others colleagues have written blog posts and news stories on the conference, such as What I Learned at AIDS 2012Exit Disclaimer by David Ernesto Munar, CEO of AIDS Foundation Chicago, and the series of AIDS 2012 Updates from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s Beta blogExit Disclaimer. The Kaiser Family Foundation also released a video “look back”Exit Disclaimer at the conference, featuring perspectives on the key lessons of the conference from an expert panel.

The Black AIDS InstituteExit Disclaimer is also conducting a series of post-conference AIDS 2012 Updates in communities across the country so that people who were unable to attend the conference are able to hear the groundbreaking information shared there.

We hope these resources are helpful in informing your work in your community and encourage you to refer back to them often and share them with others who might find them useful.