AHEAD Dashboard Updated to Reflect 2020 Data on Two Key Indicators

Content From: Harold J. Phillips, MRP, Director, White House Office of National AIDS PolicyPublished: October 20, 20201 min read


Stay up-to-date on the data that informs the plan to end the HIV epidemic in America with the AHEAD dashboard.

America’s HIV Epidemic Analysis Dashboard (AHEAD), an online HIV data visualization tool, has been recently updated. Launched in August, 2020, AHEAD was designed to help jurisdictions, researchers, public health professionals, HIV service organizations, and others across the country track progress towards meeting the goals of the Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America (EHE) initiative. It offers graphical representations of data on the six EHE HIV indicators for the 57 jurisdictions prioritized in the federal initiative, as well as state data for the 21 states in which EHE counties are located.


The recent AHEAD update incorporates the preliminary cumulative quarterly 2020 HIV data from the CDC on two key EHE indicators. Data for the years 2019 and 2020 are preliminary.  Due to the impact of COVID-19, please interpret with caution.

  • HIV Diagnoses—AHEAD has been updated to include CDC’s 2020 preliminary cumulative quarterly data from January 2020 to June 2020.
  • Linkage to HIV Medical Care—AHEAD has been updated to reflect CDC’s 2020 preliminary cumulative first quarter 2020 data reported through June 2020.

The addition of this information will assist jurisdictions in better understanding the epidemic in their localities so that they can make decisions on EHE efforts and prioritize resources.

Explore AHEAD to learn about all six EHE indicators, and visit our earlier post on the EHE indicator data.